Images of the Cosmos: Paintings by Jerry Segal

Posted on Aug 24, 2012

Images of the Cosmos: Paintings by Jerry Segal
September 14 - October 5, 2012

Awed by the Hubble Space Telescope discoveries and its contributions to astronomy, and moved by the unfathomable potential of future discoveries, in 2007 Jerry Segal began a series of paintings that examine the universe's vastness. As an artist interested in paradown imagery and distilled shapes and formes, the sheer limitless and potically abstract nature of the universe, devoid of horizon lines and depths of field, is a lure for Segal.
Jerry studied art with Pittsburgh's legendary art teacher Samuel Rosenberg and also cites Alderdice High School art teacher Wesley Mills as a major influence. His art-making was sidetracked by a successful business career as president of Dormont Manufacturing Company until his 2007 retirement, when he focused on honing his artistic skills. In addition to exhibiting his work, he takes classes with artist Mary Collins.

From Local to Global: Smart Management Lessons to Grow Your Business by Evan J. Segal

Evan Segal provides invaluable lessons based on his experience as a successful business leader. He offers knowledge and wisdom that will help managers navigate the challenging environment in today's global economy.
Evan succeeded his father as president and owner of Dormont Manufacturing Co., the inventor and leading manufacturer of flexible stainless steel gas appliance connectors. He subsequently served under President Barak Obama as CFO at the US Department of Agriculture. He has recently been interviewed by numerous media outlets including Bloomberg, The Wallstreet Journal and Fox News.

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