Weekly Fitness Tip: Sleep & Sweat

Posted on Aug 27, 2012

Sleep and Sweat
All the stressors in your life aren’t likely to disappear, but there is a way to stop and even reverse the damage they do. Start by getting enough sleep. Lack of shut-eye boosts cortisol levels and can lead to metabolic imbalances that can increase your risk of heart disease. Eat plenty of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables and cut back on fat. And find time for friends and loved ones. Strong social support- surrounding yourself with people whom you can confide in- makes coping with stress a lot easier. Finally, don’t forget about exercise. It can help stabilize our bodies’ stress-related hormonal imbalance and may reduce the effects of cortisol. It is one of the most potent antiaging behaviors known. Just get moving…. And then get some sleep!


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