Pittsburgh: Let's vote to save animal lives!

Posted on Oct 19, 2012

The Animal Rescue League, the JCC's Marathon training partner, is competing in the ASPCA $100K Challenge and needs as many people as possible to vote for them every day so to win the $25K Community Engagement Award. They've been going back and forth anywhere between 1st and 4th places and could really use your help! The ARL is currently in first, but the biggest competitors are the City of Bloomington Animal Care & Control and the Humane Society of Central Washington. Pittsburgh needs to win this; we both know that we're better than Indiana or Washington! The voting runs through the end of October and folks can vote every single day at http://www.votetosavelives.org/

Who has more pride? Pittsburgh, Bloomington, IN, or Washington state? The ARL is representing the City of Steel and we're in a tight contest for first place in the #100KChallenge. Show your pride in Pittsburgh and vote for us at www.votetosavelives.org. We can win $25K for our animals!