Wellness Tip: Eat Mindfully - Every bite appreciated

Posted on Oct 30, 2012

Eat Mindfully- Every Bite appreciated

  1. All food is good.

Remove the “good and bad” from your food vocabulary. You can’t completely enjoy a piece of cake if you’re telling yourself it’s bad for you. There is no such thing as a bad or wrong food. If you get rid of the judgmental language around food, it becomes less stressful. When making food decisions, try replacing “I should” or “ I shouldn’t” with “I choose to”.

    2.   Replay frustrating situations.

When you do find yourself mindlessly eating or reacting to stress by reaching for something salty of sweet, ( it does happen to everyone), forgive yourself and move on. Because we tend to remember what we did wrong, it helps to replay it in your mind with a different outcome. It’s a way of rehearsing that behavior so that it replicates more easily. Instead of mentally putting yourself through the ringer, replay the situation in your head again. You went overboard with the chocolate chip cookies or at an entire bag of chips, and now you are both unhappy and feeling guilty. Replay the scenario, only this time take just a 1 cookie or maybe a small handful of chips, enjoying it slowly and truly savoring every flavor.

    3.   Enjoy what’s on your plate.

Never eat anything that you don’t enjoy and truly enjoy everything that you eat. Take the first 4 bites of your meals slowly and with complete attention on the food. Savor the flavors and the textures so that you can begin to understand what mindful eating feels like.