Weekly Fitness Tip: Why & How to Exercise

Posted on Nov 5, 2012

The “why” part of exercise is easy: Physical activity keeps you young by improving balance, mobility, strength and stamina and reducing your stress level as well as your risks of diabetes, heart disease and stroke. It’s the “how” part that can get you stuck: How much, how often, how hard, how long? Let’s start with…. Just move every day. Try to torch a couple of hundred calories each day by ratcheting up your regular activities: Take the stairs, walk to get your errands, do some of your own housework, walk to talk to your co-worker instead of calling or e-mailing, try and beat your time to the restrooms. Try standing at your desk for a portion of the day. Sitting at your desk is now considered to be the “new smoking." These activities alone are not enough to get you in shape, but you will burn those extra calories responsible for fat rolls and weight creep as you get older. Look for any exercise opportunity, starting today!

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