Fitness & Wellness: How to keep your New Year motivation!

Posted on Jan 31, 2013

You started the New Year full of motivation and enthusiasm. You decided that this is going to be YOUR year to make lasting changes and improve the quality of your life. Now that we’re almost a month in, perhaps your motivation has started to wane and doubt has crept in. Does this mean you are doomed to repeat failed resolutions of the past? Definitely not! Take a few simple steps to ensure that your resolutions last from January to December- and for the rest of your life. Here’s how.

  1. SMART goals- if your goals are vague instead of (SPECIFIC) or don’t have a deadline (TIMELY), then failing to meet your goals might not be your fault-it’s the fault of your goals. Revisit and revise to make your goals SMART. Also, don’t be afraid to adjust your goals as time goes on, depending on your needs or progress.
  2. Create a routine that you can live with forever. Will you lose weight faster if you go on a crash diet and exercise 2 hours every day? Perhaps. But are these changes forever? Not likely. The reason diets don’t work is because they force you into a style of eating that you can’t maintain long-term. As soon as you start eating normally, the weight comes right back. And I don’t know many people that can exercise 2 hours every day. Unless you are training for some kind of endurance event, you don’t need that much exercise. Sooner or later, it will burn you out, both physically and mentally, so develop a reasonable routine that you can live with forever. Don’t consider your goals to be a race to the finish, but rather a life-long journey.
  3. Set goals that mean something to YOU. Don’t set a goal or make changes because family or friends have been bugging you. Do it because it’s important to you and you feel the need for a change. Resolutions don’t last when you create them out of pressure from others. You’ve got to be ready.
  4. Plan, plan, plan. You’ve decided to lose 20 pounds this year. How are you going to make that happen? What will you do when times get tough and motivation is low? It’s great to have goals, but if you don’t have a plan to accomplish them, you’re much less likely to follow through. Consider breaking your goal into smaller milestones and don’t forget to reward yourself along the way. Identify your areas of weakness and create a plan of action to deal with them. With the right strategy, success will be inevitable.
  5. The key to keeping up momentum is to point your efforts in a healthy direction- and to celebrate each step along the path. Choose something to build (a solid running base, a pantry full of healthy food, a daily meditation routine) and then pat yourself on the back for each step forward., You’ll be surprised how quickly the year goes by as you accomplish goals that once seemed out of reach.

“A setback is when you slip up, get busy, or become distracted from your goals. A failure is when you decide your health isn’t worth the effort.”
Keep it up!

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