Fitness & Wellness Tip: Get Moving!

Posted on Feb 25, 2013

Get Fit at the JCC
Still need more reason to make Fitness a habit?

You hear all the time that exercise is good for your health and heart. Here’s more motivation to start getting fit:

  • If you’re inactive, you’re twice as likely to develop Heart Disease as people MOVING on a regular basis.
  • Regular exercise naturally decreases the LDL (bad cholesterol) levels in your blood while increasing the HDL (good) cholesterol levels. 
  • Exercise lowers blood pressure and helps with blood sugar control, not to mention that exercise strengthens the heart and cardiovascular system so that it’s more efficient. 

Exercise does not have to be strenuous to offer benefits. Any activity that gets you up and moving, (where have you heard this before?) can benefit your heart. JUST GET MOVING!! 

“Welcome to today- Another day, another chance… Feel free to change!”

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