Fitness & Wellness Tip: Increasing Activity

Posted on Jul 2, 2013

Many of the health and weight problems that people face today are related to a lack of physical activity.

exerciseAlthough we are “on the run” during the day, we’re sedentary as we drive, work, watch TV and use the computer. On top of that, modern technology gives us time-saving shortcuts like dishwashers, car washes, escalators and remote controls that encourage us to do even less. Whether you exercise or not (and we sincerely hope that your do), everyone should try to increase their activity time each day.

  1. Park further away. You’ll add extra steps to your day and save time by walking briskly (and not waiting for a closer spot).
  2. Make time for morning fitness. Spend just 10 minutes doing push-ups, lunges, jumping jacks and stretches before you shower. You’ll strengthen your muscles and feel more energized each morning. 
  3. Hand deliver your messages. Instead of e-mailing your co-worker or neighbor, walk down the hall and talk in person. 
  4. Work out at your desk. Being deskbound doesn’t mean you have to sit still. Experiment with some office appropriate exercises, including stretches, wall push-ups, chair dips and more.


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