Control Stress with Yoga Breathing

Posted on Sep 11, 2013

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Fitness & Wellness Tip of the Week:

Stress can cause long term health effects. The good news is that although we can’t avoid stress, we can manage it. One effective way is through yoga breathing. Derived from India, yoga is a practice of uniting the body and spirit through poses while focusing on breathing.

Breathing comes from the diaphragm, a muscle within the lungs that voluntarily and involuntarily contracts. During a stressful moment, respiration increases. Controlling your breath during a stressful moment can help bring your body back into balance.


Try this:

  • Find a comfortable position (seated in a chair, on the floor or lying down).
  • Close your eyes, begin to slowly inhale and exhale, focusing on your breathe.
  • Push out all other thoughts and stresses from your mind.
  • Count to three on your inhale and count to three on your exhale.


Try one breathing round daily until you build up to at least ten minutes a day and discover a new way to manage stress and boost energy.



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