Decoding Ingredient Labels in Body Products

Posted on Sep 17, 2013

Decoding Ingredient Labels in Body Products

Learn how to understand the largely unregulated world of cosmetic ingredient labels. Would you like to know which ingredients can potentially increase your risk for cancer, disrupt your hormones, permeate your cellular walls and accumulate in your organs? Did you know that there are three different ways to read an ingredient label based on industry standards? Come find out why.

  • Tuesday, October 1
  • 12pm noon
  • Free
  • Women's Centerfit Platinum Lounge

Instructor Donielle Morgenstern graduated from the Culinary Institute of America with a Bachelor's Degree in Culinary Arts/Business Management. She owned and managed YUM YUM BabyFood--a fresh, frozen, organic baby food company on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Donielle is currently a graduate research intern in environmental and nutritional science with the environmental health trust that is led by Devra Lee Davis, PhD MPH. She has extensive knowledge of the cosmetic and packaged food industries and strongly believes that what goes On your body is just as important as what goes IN your body.

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