Spring Baseball & Softball Throwing Clinic

Posted on Feb 27, 2014

with Dr. Scott Rosen, Physical Therapist, Clinical Director at Allegheny Chesapeake’s JCC office and Pitt Baseball Varsity Letterman

Thursday, March 13 • 4-5:30 pm • Levinson Hall

For pitchers and all skill positions; FREE and open to the community!

Are you a throwing athlete?  Baseball, Softball, Track (Javelin, Discus, Shot Put) and Football (Quarterbacks) all put a lot of stress on the throwing shoulder and elbow.  There are ways to prevent upper extremity injuries in throwing athletes and the best time to start working on this is during the pre-season.

Athletes, parents and coaches should come hear Dr. Scott Rosen, physical therapist, is the clinical director at ACPT’s Squirrel Hill Office located in the Jewish Community Center.  He earned his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Chatham University in Pittsburgh and maintains professional memberships with the American Physical Therapy Association and Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association.  Dr. Rosen was a three time University of Pittsburgh Baseball Varsity Letterman and participated in four World Maccabiah Games in Fast-Pitch Softball.

Come to the Preseason Throwing Clinic  to learn:

 *   Proper mechanics and arm care is crucial during/after the season

 *   Off-season training with experts is important

 *   To be the best, you need to do all the little things right

 *   Stretching before and after throwing is important for throwing athletes

 *   Integrating a pre-season throwing program will reduce injury risk

 *   Strengthening the rotator cuff and scapular muscles is necessary to perform well and prevent injury

The breakout sessions allowed our participants to learn: 

 *   How to integrate stretches and arm care exercises into their daily practice and training routines

 *   Strategies to improve balance and core strength/stability to enhance throwing mechanics/efficiency

 *   Exercises to improve core power and explosiveness to maximize throwing velocity

 *   Upper Extremity assessment designed to find weak links in the kinetic chain that could predispose you to injury

We will make recommendations for strengthening, stretching and/or soft tissue work that will help make the throwing season an injury-free success.

Clinic is at the JCC of Greater Pittsburgh located at 5738 Forbes Ave.  The Clinic will be held in Levinson Hall from 4-5:30 pm with a break out session in the gym.


Any questions please contact Marsha Mullen, MS ATC or 412-521-8011, 380