JCC Offers Multiple Sclerosis Exercise Program in Squirrel Hill

Posted on Mar 31, 2014

The JCC is offering Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Exercise Program, geared to help individuals with MS maintain an active lifestyle and avoid secondary conditions that may result from a sedentary lifestyle. The program is open to the community and is held at the JCC in Squirrel Hill.

This structured program of exercise will help develop muscular strength, enhance cardiorespiratory health and maintain or improve physical function related to activities of daily living. Although research has demonstrated exercise to be well tolerated and beneficial for persons with MS, there are certain exercise-related responses that are unique to MS.

At the JCC, exercise sessions will be planned and closely supervised by trained exercise specialists who understand these types of responses and will provide the guidance you need to exercise safely and effectively. The program also includes a testing and evaluation component to help monitor its’ effectiveness and track changes in muscular strength, endurance and physical function.

Participants have access to the JCC’s state-of-the-art fitness center, which includes a wide variety of strength training and cardiorespiratory training equipment, with some machines accessible to individuals with special needs such as the use of a wheelchair.

Participation in the JCC’s MS Exercise Program requires medical clearance from a physician and completion of a questionnaire to assess neurologic impairment. Group assignments, either to a morning or evening session, will be based on this assessment. For persons unable to walk, the JCC offers one-on-one training by appointment.

Program Features:

• Trained exercise specialists

• Planning and supervision for safe and effective exercise

• Customized exercise program to enhance muscular strength and endurance and maintain

   physical function

• Testing and evaluation to track progress

• Small group structure

• Educational seminars


• 13-week exercise training program including two evaluation sessions

• 2 one-hour sessions/week

• Mondays and Fridays: 11 am-noon and 5-6 pm


JCC members: $300/13 weeks

Community: $350/13 weeks


For more information or to schedule a consultation, please contact Jason Rutkowski, M.S.,

JCC Exercise Specialist, 434-962-0809.