412 Training

See How it's Done in the 'Burgh!   

With the JCC's unique 412 Training team program, you will benefit from the competition and motivation of being part of a group--even if it's bonding over how sore you are the day after. The encouragement and support you receive will help push you through those barriers holding you back. Maybe it's one more lunge or just moving a little faster; at the JCC, we believe you can reach your fullest potential at half the cost of one-on-one sessions.

Contact one of our JCC Fitness professionals to see how the 412 Training team program can work for you today! 


412 Training Perks: 

  • All the benefits of individualized training plus the motivation and competition of a small group
  • Half the price of individual training
  • We will put together the group for you 


FREE 1-Hour Training Demos:
Intrigued but not sure if this is for you? No problem! Come to one of our free training demos in Centerfit and try for yourself. 

  • Wednesday, June 11: 5-6 pm (Jason)
    6-8 pm (Joshua)
  • Saturday, June 14: 9-noon (Jason/Joshua)