Dance (SH)


Preschool | School Age | Adult


Creative Movement: ages 3-4
For our tiniest dancers, who will build strength, flexibility and body awareness, as well as gross motor skills, coordination and posture. A bland of basic dance movement and the use of props make this a fun beginner class. 

3-3:30 pm
January 10-May 16.......... $207 

Ballet: ages 4-6
Beginning ballet skills and terminology are taught with an emphasis on coordination and musicality.

3:15-4 pm
January 8-May 14.......... $234 

Pre Ballet/Tap: ages 4-5
Beginning tap and ballet skills and terminology are taught with an emphasis on coordination and musicality. 

3:35-4:20 pm
January 10-May 16.......... $234 

New: Tiny Steps
(parent/child)*: age 2
A series of music and creative movement classes that celebrate your child's natural ability to move in an expressive way. These weekly 30-minute classes are designed to engage children, parents and caregivers through group and individual participation which is vital for early childhood development. 

10:30-11 am
January 9-March 13.......... $110 

New: Up, Down and All Around
Fundamentals of Dance*: age 3
Your child will learn the joys of music and movement through rhythm and dance as instructors guide your child through fun, playful dance exercises. Music will accompany the class and will enhance basic musicality through drumming rhythms. Your child will develop body awareness and control while exploring his or her own creativity to understand the connection between dance, rhythm and music. 

2:15-2:45 pm
January 10-March 14.......... $110 



Ballet/Tap 1: grade K

4:15-5:15 pm
January 8-May 14.................... $252

Jazz: ages 12-18
January 10-May 16................... $252

Private Dance Instruction
$45/hour; $280/8 one-hour classes
$25/half hour; $175/8 half-hour classes

Duet Dance Lesson
$40/hour; $280/8 one-hour classes
$20/half hour; $140/8 half-hour classes



Core Ballet Barre

Adult Tap