JCC Important Information

We want to share some significant developments approved by our Board of Directors that reflect our vision, mission and values aimed at enriching your daily experiences at the JCC.

We seek to build a place where all members—from the religiously observant to the most secular--can meet, be engaged and find community. Based on the careful deliberation of a diverse, multi-denominational blue ribbon Community Task Force, our Board of Directors has adopted new guidelines that will shape the JCC for years to come.

We envision the JCC as an exemplary, thriving and engaged community rooted in Jewish values. Our lay and professional leadership have made the commitment to align programs, services and activities that will help bring about this broad community vision. In the tradition of Abraham and Sarah, we affirm our core value to welcome individuals of all backgrounds, embracing their uniqueness and diversity under our communal tent.

The JCC continues to examine how the Jewish world is changing and how our constituents look to us to meet their developing needs. We are positioning the JCC to respond to this emerging landscape. The diverse nature of who we serve requires this level of thought and planning.

In making these changes, we have been guided by you, our stakeholders. Your input through recent benchmarking surveys and ongoing feedback has been invaluable in helping to inform our vision and renewed look at the future.

The most immediate change is a revised Shabbat schedule. Beginning December 18, 2010, the JCC will be open from 8 AM to 6 PM on Saturdays. In keeping with the special nature of Shabbat—rest and withdrawal from the work day world—programs at the JCC will reflect a level of difference from other days and focus on individual and community activities associated with leisure time, opportunities for Jewish learning, and family engagement. Organized youth programs will continue to begin after 1 PM to allow families who wish to worship the opportunity to participate in both. Membership and administrative offices will continue to remain closed.

Given variations of observance among different religious streams regarding the second day of Jewish holidays (Sukkot, Passover and Shavuot), the JCC will open for limited usage on those days. On these "partial opening" days, the JCC will provide services such as early childhood, after-school care and health and fitness activities, while closing administrative and membership offices and rescheduling ongoing classes and leagues.

We also have established written guidelines for Kashrut (kosher dietary standards) at the JCC. Our sensitivity to Kashrut enables the broad spectrum of our community to participate at the JCC while reflecting our history and tradition. Our Squirrel Hill kitchen will remain under rabbinic supervision.

This web page contains links for more detailed information about our educational values, board adopted principles, and guidelines reflecting Shabbat, Kashrut, and Jewish holidays along with a revised schedule of JCC hours of operation.

We value your ongoing participation in JCC life and welcome your ideas as to how we can make our community even more vital and vibrant.


Brian Schreiber, President & CEO

Jeffrey B. Markel, Chair of the Board