Squirrel Hill Directory

Executive Office
Rosemary Alley 412-521-8011 x234

AgeWell’s Independent Adult Services
Sarah Feinman 412-521-8011 x135
Health & Wellness Coordinator
Jeanne Ronschke
412-521-8011 x362
Amy Gold
412-521-8011 x207
Amazing Journeys
Bill Cartiff 412-278-1975 x242
American Jewish Museum
Melissa Hiller 412-521-8011 x105
Stephen Patrick 412-521-8011 x276
Jeremy Kelley 412-521-8011 x249
Birthday Parties
412-521-8011 x228
Emma Kaufmann Camp 
Stephanie Buzza
Winter Office: 412-521-8011 x318
Morgantown, WV: 304-599-4435
James and Rachel Levinson Day Camp/Noar and Bogrim Travel Camps
Winter: Liza Baron 412-521-8011 x241
Summer: Liza Baron 412-829-7707
Specialty Camps
Liza Baron 412-521-8011 x241
Cashier 412-521-8011 x202
Centerfit Desk 412-521-8011 x372
Centerfit Platinum
Concierge Desk 412-521-8011 x267
Alan Mallinger 412-521-8011 x272 
Patti Sciulli 412-521-8011 x273
Amy Gold 412-521-8011 x207
Clubhouse After-School Program
Meredith Brown 412-521-8011 x181
Dance/Performing Arts Camp
Kathy Wayne 412-521-8011 x373
Andrea Matz 412-521-8011 x232

Early Childhood
Mary Marcelle
412-521-8011 x375

Family Place/My Baby and Me

Lauren Bartholomae 412-521-8011 x398

Facilities Maintenance and Rental
Stacey Gentile
412-521-8011 x341
Kitchen 412-521-8011 x265

Financial Assistance
Jane Stokar 412-521-8011 x200

Fitness Coordinator
Mary Beth Guzzetta 412-521-8011 x267

Group Exercise
Patti Sciulli 412-521-8011 x273

Kaufmann Building 412-521-8011 x220
Robinson Building 412-521-8011 x249
Henry Kaufmann Family Park
412-824-4740, 412-824-4741
J&R at the Family Park 412-829-7707
Human Resources
Karen Kozel 412-521-8011 x361

Jewish Educator
Rabbi Donni C. Aaron 412-521-8011 x215
Sales 412-521-8011 x176
Services 412-521-8011 x534
Personal Training
Laurie Wood 412-521-8011 x260
Reception Desks
Centerfit 412-521-8011 x372
Kaufmann Building-Darlington Desk 412-521-8011 x0
Robinson Building 412-521-8011 x530
School Days Off and Kids Nite Out
Meredith Brown 412-521-8011 x181
Security Office
412-521-8011 x371
Shortstop Babysitting
Reservations 412-521-8011 x267
Senior Adult Programs
Sharon Feinman 412-521-8011 x225
Special Needs
Liza Baron 412-521-8011 x241
Sports and Recreation
Sherree Hall 412-521-8011 x374

Web Site
412-521-8011 x536

Weight Room
412-521-8011 x314