Designate the JCC when you contribute to the United Way

Donor Codes are 9456 (South Hills) and 75 (Squirrel Hill).

When you use Donor Designation 9456 (JCC South Hills) or 75 (JCC Squirrel Hill), you support two long-standing Pittsburgh traditions—the United Way and the Jewish Community Center of Greater Pittsburgh. Donations from the United Way to the JCC support the JCC Scholarship Fund, providing financial assistance to people who cannot afford the full cost of services.

The JCC provides services to the community regardless of age, race, religion, national origin, special need or ability to pay.

How to donate:

  • Specify Jewish Community Center of Greater Pittsburgh on your United Way pledge form, under the section marked specific agency.
  • Designate a portion to the Impact Fund supporting United Way.
  • Write in 9456 or 75 as the United Way code number, depending on your primary place of JCC membership.

 The JCC is grateful for your support.